Personal Information Protection

1. Items of personal information collected

The Company collects personal information as listed below for Sales Inquiry etc.

  • * Collected items: personal information such as name, email address, cell phone number etc.
  • * Personal information collecting method: website (Sales Inquiry etc.)

2. Purpose for collecting and using personal information

The Company uses collected personal information for the following purposes.

  • * To support consultation with Customer: For quick and smooth consultation to facilitate business with customers such as customer sales Inquiry etc.
  • - Sales Inquiry: personal identification

3. Period of retention and use of personal information

In principle, relevant personal information is destroyed immediately after the purpose for personal information collection and use has been achieved. However, the following information is preserved for a specified period as per reasons stated below.

  • * Preserved items: information received in sales Inquire etc. (personal information such as name, email address, cell phone number etc.)
  • - Period of preservation: 2 years

4. Procedure and method for destroying personal information

The Company destroys personal information immediately after the purpose for collection and use has been achieved. The procedure and method for destruction is as follows.

  1. * Destruction procedure Information entered by members for membership application etc. will be transferred to a separate Database (information on paper will be transferred to a separate file) once the purpose has been achieved and will be destroyed after being retained for a fixed period of time depending on information protection reasons (refer to the period of retention and use) in accordance with the Company’s internal policy and other related laws and regulations. The personal information transferred to a separate Database will not be used for any purpose other than the specified purpose of retention unless otherwise prescribed by the law.
  2. * Destruction method
  3. - Personal information saved in electronic file formats will be destroyed by technological methods that prohibits the restoration of records.
  4. - Personal information printed on paper shall be destroyed by a paper shredder or fire.

5. Provision of personal information

In principle, the Company does not release user personal information to the outside. However, the following cases will be treated as exceptions.

  1. - cases where prior user consent has been obtained
  2. - As prescribed by laws and regulations or when requested by investigating authorities for investigation purposes according to procedures and methods stated by the law.

6. Entrusting collected personal information

The Company will not entrust customer information to a third party. Should such a need arise in future, the Company will notify customers of the commissioned agency and task, and if necessary, obtain prior approval.

7. The rights of users, their legal representatives and the method to exercise these rights

At any time, users and their legal representatives can view or correct registered information of themselves and their children under 14 years old, or request for the destruction of personal information. (However, information correction during recruiting process is not possible.)

Our personnel in charge of personal information management will take the appropriate measures immediately, should you choose to contact us in writing or via phone or email. In addition, if incorrect personal information has already been released to a third party, the Company will ensure that correction is made accordingly by notifying the third party immediately. For personal information terminated or removed at the request of users or legal representatives, the Company handles the information in accordance with the “period of retention and use of personal information collected by the Company” and shall not allow it to be viewed or used for any other purpose.

8. Matters related to the installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collecting devices

The Company operates devices such as a ‘cookie’ which frequently saves and retrieves your information. Cookie is a small size text file which the server uses for operating the Company’s website and is sent to your browser and saved on your computer’s hard disk. The Company uses the cookie for the following purposes.

  1. * Purpose for using cookies etc.
    For target marketing and personally customized services offered by analyzing access frequency or visit time of members and non-members, for the identification of user’s taste and interest areas, for tracking traces, as well as for understanding the participation levels and visitor frequency during various events etc. You can choose to install or uninstall cookies. Through the option settings of your web browser, you can allow all cookies or confirm every time a cookie is saved or reject the installation of all cookies.
  2. * How to set cookies
    Example: To set cookies, members can allow all cookies or confirm every time a cookie is saved or reject all cookies to be saved by setting an option on your web browser. Example (for Internet Explorer): click tools at the top of the web browser > Internet options > personal information However, service might be disrupted if you choose to reject the installation of cookies.

9. Personal information related customer service

The Company has designated a responsible department and personnel in charge for personal information management in order to protect customer’s personal information and to process related complaints.

  • [Department in charge of personal information]
  • - Department: IT Information Team
  • - Telephone: +82-2-2056-1060
  • - Email: gygit@
  • [Personnel in charge of personal information]
  • - Person in charge: Lee Gi-Bung
  • - Contact person: Jeon Jin-wook
  • - Telephone: +82-2-2056-1063
  • - Email:

Should you have any complaints related to personal information protection during the use of the Company’s service, please direct them to the department or the person in charge of personal information management. The Company will provide users with a prompt and satisfactory reply. Please approach the organizations listed below to report on other breaches of personal information or to seek consultation.

  • 1. Personal Information Infringement Report Center :
  • 2. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee :
  • 3. Cyber Crime Investigation Division of Supreme Prosecutors' Office :
  • 4. Cyber Safety Bureau of Korean National Police Agency :

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