Elevator Remodeling

Safety. It is the beginning of happiness. Here is GYG elevator safety service.

By replacing the old elevators, you can save energy. It can bring up the value of the building with the design that matches the modern trend, and it can improve the satisfaction of the visitors by feeling the great ride quality due to the precise driving conception.

We will provide the optimized solutions through precise diagnostics for old-age elevators.

If you were troubled by an old elevator
The answer lies in the remodeling service of the GYG elevator.

  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs

    Up to 50% reduction of power consumption and repair cost by replacement of old equipment and parts

  • Improved safety and reliability.

    Minimize faults and improve safety and reliability by applying new technology

  • Building Value Rise

    Harmonious application of design that matches modern trend to buildings

  • Improve user satisfaction

    Improved ride quality due to precise driving connection improves visitor satisfaction

  • Improved operating efficiency

    Waiting time reduced due to travel time 20% reduction

  • Minimize replacement cost and inconvenience

    Minimize cost and customer inconvenience by providing optimized solution through precise diagnosis

Selected as an excellent company for quality competitiveness for 13 consecutive years, You could go higher with a safe and comfortable GYG elevator.

  • Awarded 13

    Awarded 13 consecutively as Excellent Quality Competitiveness Enterprise

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  • 2018 ACE

    2018 ACE for Creative Economy Selection


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